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Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust
Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust

Often, lawyers who come to TLAP have depleted both personal and financial resources, a circumstance which presents considerable challenges to beginning treatment. The Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust provides financial support for Texas lawyers in crisis. These funds are for the benefit of Texas attorneys and their families to assist attorneys impaired by substance dependence or other mental disorders in paying for treatment or otherwise achieving recovery from their disorder.

The Pat Sheeran and Michael J. Crowley Memorial Trust is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program Medal
Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program Medal

The limited-run Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program (TLAP) medal in honor of the 2016 Fiesta San Antonio celebration is available for a minimum donation of $25.

True to the charitable spirit of Fiesta San Antonio, all proceeds from the sale of the medals will benefit the nonprofit Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust. The medals were produced as part of a presidential initiative supporting the life-saving work of TLAP and the Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust.

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